2505, 2017

How to Safely BBQ this Summer

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You may not realize it, but you are putting yourself at risk every single time you go to light up the BBQ. It can be quite dangerous to BBQ in those hot summer months, or any time of year for that matter, when you do not practice taking safety measures. Many of the […]

2205, 2017

How Mold Could Be Harming Your Pets

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Mold is something that truly can be harmful to the pets that you have inside of your home. So many of us treat our pets like they are a member of our family, just as important as our children, and rightfully so. Dogs and cats are known to be the best friends of […]

1805, 2017

Emergency Preparedness for Waterfront Homes

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The great thing about owning a home that is on the waterfront in the state of Florida, or anywhere for that matter, is the fantastic views. It can be breathtaking to be able to look out of your front window and just lay your eyes on the gorgeous ocean waters. These views do […]

1505, 2017

Allergies Flaring Up? Ways Your Home Might be Harming Your Health

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Allergies are something that millions of people deal with on a regular basis, all around the world. They can be blamed for several different things, whether it be the pollen outside, a cat that you or your friend may have in their home, trees, grass, dust, and so on. If your allergies are […]

1105, 2017

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

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Once the month of June rolls around, the state of Florida and other parts of the country begin to enter what is known as hurricane season. Hurricane season is a time where you want to prepare, be proactive, try and get ahead of the game before you are rushing to develop as a storm […]

805, 2017

5 Steps To Take If Your Bathroom Floods

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A bathroom flood is one thing that you typically do not want to have to deal with as a homeowner. Bathroom floods are quite common though, especially with so many potential areas of concern. You have the bathroom sink, drain, water going in and out of the toilet, the bathtub, shower spout, and […]

405, 2017

4 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Water Removal Company

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As with just about anything that you do in life, the more that you prepare, the better the result is going to be. When you have a flood in your home, you want to be prepared to hire a water removal services Jacksonville company that you can trust, that you know will get the […]

105, 2017

3 Restoration Services Typically Covered by Insurance 

By |May 1st, 2017|Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration|0 Comments

There are a few different types of restoration services that exist, but determining what is going to be covered by your insurance and what is not can be tricky. One of the most common questions that we get at Anderson Restoration, though, revolves around homeowner’s insurance. People want to know if the damage […]

2704, 2017

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Fires

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There is nothing at all that is appealing about a kitchen fire. Any fire inside of your home is something that is extremely feared by homeowners, and for a good reason. When you are struck with a kitchen fire, it is something that is going to put you, your family, your pets, and […]

2404, 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Bathroom to Avoid Mold Growth

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Oh the bathroom, a principal place in the home, yet one that is also one of the most unpleasant to have to clean. How many times have you only pushed out the need to clean the bathroom inside of your home? You probably have said time and time again, I need to clean […]