2507, 2016

The Process Professionals Go Through to Identify and Remove Mold in the Home

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There really is a defined process that professionals go through when they are working to not only identify mold in your home, but also to work to remove it.  This is all a part of the mold removal service Jacksonville professionals like us at Anderson Restoration carry out quite frequently.  Our job as restoration professionals […]

1807, 2016

The Difference Water Removal Equipment Makes in Restoring a Home

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There is a big difference between having the access to the right equipment and not when it comes to restoration of a home following a water damage incident.  Water damage is nothing to joke around with as it can have some major repercussions on the home.  When you think about water damage repair Jacksonville it […]

1107, 2016

How Water Drying Equipment Can Ensure Mold Never Has the Chance to Develop

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Water damage is something that is seen far too often in the Jacksonville, FL area.  A lot of that is due to the climate that we all live in.  When you are talking about Florida you have to talk about the amazing rainstorms that we seem to get year after year.  Whether it is a […]

407, 2016

How a Professional Can Disinfect Your Home After a Water Damage Event

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There is a lot of harm to the state of your home that can come as a result of a water damage event.  Typically when you think about a water damage event in the home you think of flooding, you probably think of walls, ceilings, and floors getting ruined.  You think about assets such as […]

2606, 2016

The Importance of Your Mold Remediation Professional Being Licensed in Jacksonville, FL

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Mold is one of those terms that always seems to scare homeowners and for very good reason.  Mold is something that can be truly debilitating to a home.  Once you have a home that is infested with mold it is going to take a lot of resources in terms of time and money to get […]

1906, 2016

How To Gain an Understanding of How Professionals Deal With Mold Damage and Remediation

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Anyone who has ever had to go through a mold damage and remediation process in their homes knows the value of professionals.  We have had countless testimonials come in from consumers whom have greatly appreciated the work that our licensed, certified technicians did in their homes to help them deal with mold.  Just how do […]

1206, 2016

How the Structure of Your Home is Impacted Following a Water Damage Incident

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The structural integrity of our homes is of the utmost importance.  When you have a home that is structurally sound, or solid as many people will call it, it means that the home is standing tall and strong.  A home that is structurally sound is not going to run the risk of a collapse or […]

106, 2016

Five Benefits of Acting Quickly After Your Home is Struck With a Flood

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We all know that time is something that is valuable to all of us.  We spend a lot of our energy trying to figure out ways to make more time in our lives.  The more time we have, the more we are able to do things that we enjoy.  Just like we benefit from acting […]

1505, 2016

Why a Mold Remediation Certification Matters When Hiring a Professional

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Mold and mildew are very scary words to think about as the owner of any home or business.  When you are talking about mold and mildew the word speed has to immediately come to mind.  Speed involves how quickly mold and mildew can not only begin to grow, but also how quickly they can spread once they have sprouted inside your home or your business. […]

905, 2016

The Hidden Dangers Following a Water Damage Incident in Your Home

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As the owner of a home, there are so many different problems that you are going to run into from time to time when it comes to unforeseen circumstances.  A perfect example of this is that of a water damage incident.  This could be water damage that is caused by a flood in your basement, a leaky roof, water coming in through a broken window or exterior door, among others. […]