2609, 2016

Why You Want to Make Sure Your Mold Remediation Professional is Licensed in Jacksonville, FL

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One of the most dangerous things that you can end up with in your home following a water damage incident is mold.  Mold is scary for so many reasons, but it is all spearheaded by the risks that it presents to the health of everyone living in your residence.  Mold is scary, to say the […]

1909, 2016

Mold Removal and the Benefits of Making Sure Your Home is Free of the Bacteria

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You always want to make sure that your home is the safe haven that it is supposed to be.  When you run into a water damage even, though, you face an increased risk of mold growth, along with other types of bacteria.  Ending up with mold growth and bacteria in the home can truly be […]

1209, 2016

How A Basement Flood Can Lead to Major Issues When Ignored in the Home

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Basement flooding is something that is far more common than you probably think.  The vast majority of basements across the state of Florida are susceptible to the risks that a flood presents due to their age, the way that they are constructed, and the climate that they reside in.  This is what we try to […]

509, 2016

Areas of Concern To Focus on Following a Flood Damage Event in the Home

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Going through a flood can be a truly trying experience for so many homeowners.  Think about the negative impact that a flood can have on a home in a short period of time.  Your home could be in great shape one day, and then a big tropical storm rolls through, dumping inches of rain that […]

2508, 2016

Where Mold Could Be Hiding in Your Home

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Mold is scary for everyone, especially the homeowner. The scariest characteristic of mold is that it often hides and isn’t found until it’s too late. To make it even worse, mold loves to grow in places we rarely see. Lucky for homeowners, there are licensed professionals to seek out the mold and remove any and […]

2308, 2016

The Types of Assets That Can Be Restored Following a Water Damage Incident

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When you really start to think about how harmful water damage can be, you’ll definitely get a little scared. The smallest pipe burst in an otherwise perfectly maintained home can flood an entire living room and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention the expensive decor and assets that’ll get damaged, too. So, […]

1808, 2016

The Process Professionals Go Through to Test the Home for Mold

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Professionals, like the great people at Anderson Restoration, follow an important process when testing for mold in your home. When it comes to mold, you need to reach out to an expert ASAP. Even if you aren’t positive there’s mold in your home, it’s always recommended to have it tested. Better safe than sorry, that’s […]

1608, 2016

The Playbook Professionals Follow to Handle a Water Damage Event

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Professionals tend to follow a process they know is successful, and this process is especially important when it comes to water damage restoration. The experts at Anderson Restoration have honed their craft for many years and have developed the best process to handle any water damage thrown their way. The process we’ve mastered allows us […]

1108, 2016

The Importance of a Mold Remediation Certification and Why Professionals Should Have One

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Mold can quickly and easily take hold in the home and cause a great deal of damage. When potentially harmful mold starts growing in your home, it’s detrimental to act quickly to rectify the situation. The process of getting rid of mold within the home is called “mold remediation.”

Most people don’t know that both mold […]

908, 2016

How to Prevent Your Indoor Plants from Growing Mold

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If you’re a typical red-blooded American, your home has decorations and furniture from wall to wall. We add paintings, side tables and plants to spice up our interior. Hate to break it to you, but some of your decor could be posing a risk to your home. If you have any indoor plants, you could […]