2308, 2016

The Types of Assets That Can Be Restored Following a Water Damage Incident

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When you really start to think about how harmful water damage can be, you’ll definitely get a little scared. The smallest pipe burst in an otherwise perfectly maintained home can flood an entire living room and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention the expensive decor and assets that’ll get damaged, too. So, […]

1808, 2016

The Process Professionals Go Through to Test the Home for Mold

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Professionals, like the great people at Anderson Restoration, follow an important process when testing for mold in your home. When it comes to mold, you need to reach out to an expert ASAP. Even if you aren’t positive there’s mold in your home, it’s always recommended to have it tested. Better safe than sorry, that’s […]

1608, 2016

The Playbook Professionals Follow to Handle a Water Damage Event

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Professionals tend to follow a process they know is successful, and this process is especially important when it comes to water damage restoration. The experts at Anderson Restoration have honed their craft for many years and have developed the best process to handle any water damage thrown their way. The process we’ve mastered allows us […]

1108, 2016

The Importance of a Mold Remediation Certification and Why Professionals Should Have One

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Mold can quickly and easily take hold in the home and cause a great deal of damage. When potentially harmful mold starts growing in your home, it’s detrimental to act quickly to rectify the situation. The process of getting rid of mold within the home is called “mold remediation.”

Most people don’t know that both mold […]

908, 2016

How to Prevent Your Indoor Plants from Growing Mold

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If you’re a typical red-blooded American, your home has decorations and furniture from wall to wall. We add paintings, side tables and plants to spice up our interior. Hate to break it to you, but some of your decor could be posing a risk to your home. If you have any indoor plants, you could […]

408, 2016

5 Common Water Damage Projects Homeowners Face

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Every home faces the risk of water damage simply because we run water in the house on a daily basis. When it rains or snows, the moisture hitting your house can make its way inside and cause damage. Water damage is typically the result of five common problems. Understanding these problems and the risks they […]

208, 2016

3 Ways to Prevent a Pipe Burst

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Water damage can be the result of countless factors, including bad weather, window leaks and roof damage. One of the most common reasons people contact us about water damage restoration is because of a pipe burst. If pipes aren’t properly maintained, there’s a constant risk that they will burst at any second.

When a pipe bursts […]

2507, 2016

The Process Professionals Go Through to Identify and Remove Mold in the Home

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There really is a defined process that professionals go through when they are working to not only identify mold in your home, but also to work to remove it.  This is all a part of the mold removal service Jacksonville professionals like us at Anderson Restoration carry out quite frequently.  Our job as restoration professionals […]

1807, 2016

The Difference Water Removal Equipment Makes in Restoring a Home

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There is a big difference between having the access to the right equipment and not when it comes to restoration of a home following a water damage incident.  Water damage is nothing to joke around with as it can have some major repercussions on the home.  When you think about water damage repair Jacksonville it […]

1107, 2016

How Water Drying Equipment Can Ensure Mold Never Has the Chance to Develop

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Water damage is something that is seen far too often in the Jacksonville, FL area.  A lot of that is due to the climate that we all live in.  When you are talking about Florida you have to talk about the amazing rainstorms that we seem to get year after year.  Whether it is a […]